Established in 1996, Wentong has over 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing of smart card machines and post-press equipment. We have been committed to constantly growing and improving our products and service to meet all our customer’s requirements for production of children’s books, board books, paper cards and plastic cards. Our wide range of products includes die cutting machine, card collating machine, card punching machine, SIM card production machine, board book mounting and gluing machine, automatic packaging machine, ultrasonic welding system, magnetic tape laying machine, sheet cleaning machine, etc. which are widely applied in a variety of industries such as card production, printing & packaging, children’s book, paper products, etc.

    1. Smart Card/SIM Card
    2. Smart Card/SIM Card Wentong offers complete SIM card and smart card production lines including card punching machine, card milling machine, card chip implanting machine, card testing machine and card packaging machine.
    1. Playing Card
    2. Playing Card In response to high demand for customized playing cards, Wentong dedicated to satisfying the expectations of our customers by developing and manufacturing high precision playing card production lines.
    1. Children’s Book
    2. Children’s Book Increasingly popular with children and parents, you may find that more and more children’s books with various shapes are constantly being published.