Other Products
    1. Magnetic Tape Laying Machine, WT-007BCT
    2. Magnetic Tape Laying Machine, WT-007BCTOur automatic magnetic tape laying machine is typically designed for laying magnetic strips onto film or card sheet materials.
    1. Sheet Cleaning Machine, WT-007ZCJ
    2. Sheet Cleaning Machine, WT-007ZCJThis sheet cleaning machine is specially designed to eliminate static electricity and remove particles and dust from sheets of various materials such as PVC, PET and PP.
    1. SIM Card Punching Machine, WT-007SCPM
    2. SIM Card Punching Machine, WT-007SCPM WT-007SCPM SIM card punching machine is designed for punching and scribing a break-out line for Mini SIM (2FF), Micro SIM (3FF) Nano SIM (4FF) cards based on the standard SIM card (1FF).
    1. SIM Card Milling Machine, WT-007SCMM
    2. SIM Card Milling Machine, WT-007SCMMThis SIM card milling machine is a smart card processing system that creates cavity where the contact chip will be inserted, comprising of card milling, cavity cleaning, cavity depth measurement ...